Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sympathy – Bird Call 2

It seems that I've had way too many sympathy cards to do this year. It never gets any easier. The only thing I keep in mind is that hopefully I'm giving a moment of comfort to the recipient. At the time I'm sure they aren't really even thinking about cards. It's later when things have settled down that the person finds the time to look over the cards and that's when we can only hope and pray that we've said just what they need to hear at the right time. We also must put ourselves in the other person's shoes, even if we haven't lost a loved one, because as sure as the sun comes up, one day we will be the ones on the receiving end.

This card has no Cricut images, but I did use the Cuttlebug folder "Bird Call". This time I took my Prismacolor pencils and colored the embossed scene. I also used the Gamsol mineral spirits with them so I could blend and shade. I hope you enjoy looking at the card, and that it may be something you'd like to use in the future.

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