Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thank You - ACY

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I have a friend that is always doing things for me when it’s not necessarily convenient. So I figured it was time I did a thank you card for her. I know that she likes or at least used to like pinks, so I thought this would be simple but nice. I used ACY for the “girl”. I say it that way, because it was actually a boy that I added a couple of other cuts to (fire from a campfire, etc.) to make a ponytail and make a little girl. That’s another thing I like about CDS; you can combine items together to make almost anything your imagination can come up with. (As long as they will weld together and not be too delicate.) The pink paper was actually a “card” I made from WC and then just cut off the back. The butterfly was cut out of the pink and I used the negative space and the cut-out to have two more butterflies. Then I did a little inking, matting and “stitching” to finish things off.

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