Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baby Shower Table Decoration

This lady is from the NA cartridge. She has been cut at approximately 11-1/2". She's been cut out two or three times using light cardboard from the back of some of the paper packs I bought. Then of course, I did her clothes, hair, etc. I used ribbon on her hat and dress and then bling on her neck, arm and handbag. I made her in CDS, which made it so nice to be able to cut out her hair, dress, slacks and other items from just the designer paper I wanted. I made a stand for the back, so she would stand up on the table. If I do her again for someone else, I would want to make one for each table. She was on her own on the cake table.

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Sarah B. said...

Makes me wish I was pregnant again. Haha!