Wednesday, October 21, 2009

37th Anniversary Card for My Husband

This is the first card I've ever made for my husband in 37 years of marriage, even though I've been making cards for more than 20 years. I guess I never thought I could make one as nice as I could buy. However, I thought about it and realized that even a plain or simple card would mean more when it's made to express the way we feel. So here is the card to my Knight in Shining Armor. Physically and mentally he has protected me from any dragon that has come our way. The card began with the paper from DCWV "Once Upon a Time". With that in mind, I used Storybook to make the sentiment on the front and inside left page of the card. On the inside right I used Sweethearts. The sentiment in the circle on the front is made with the font "Bard". Of course, the card had to be dressed up with inking and ribbon, etc. The quote on the back from "Time in a Bottle" has been one of my favorites for years. I figure he will now expect me to make his cards, so I guess I need to start thinking about the one for next year. LOL!

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Sarah B. said...

Your husband is such a lucky ducky! He has such a thoughtful wife. I totally agree that simple homemade card is so much more meaningful than a store bought card. One year, my mother-in-law gave me a [personalized] card and I thought that was the sweetest thing EVER! In fact, I still have it.