Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thank You - ACY

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I have a friend that is always doing things for me when it’s not necessarily convenient. So I figured it was time I did a thank you card for her. I know that she likes or at least used to like pinks, so I thought this would be simple but nice. I used ACY for the “girl”. I say it that way, because it was actually a boy that I added a couple of other cuts to (fire from a campfire, etc.) to make a ponytail and make a little girl. That’s another thing I like about CDS; you can combine items together to make almost anything your imagination can come up with. (As long as they will weld together and not be too delicate.) The pink paper was actually a “card” I made from WC and then just cut off the back. The butterfly was cut out of the pink and I used the negative space and the cut-out to have two more butterflies. Then I did a little inking, matting and “stitching” to finish things off.

Sympathy Card

This card was for my dh's boss. His mother had been ill for a number of years. He and his wife would make several trips to visit with her. I met her about 35 years ago. She lived in NJ in a large old home that has many of its original doors, knobs and wavy glass. It's a shame that so many young people don't want to preserve some of the things from the past. Of course, things weren't as energy efficient as they are now, but there sure were some lovely items. I've got to work on my craft/sewing room soon, and I think it would be wonderful to have some old doors to make desks or tables out of.

The card is similar to what I saw another member do. I've always thought the sanding of white core paper was a nice affect, so this is my first attempt at it. I wanted to use more masculine colors and I think these were just right. I didn't want to put any "bling" on the card, but it needed something else, so I cut out three buttons from some embossed cardstock. The card was finished off with a few very crooked lines around the card. (I know, you're not supposed to expose your mistakes, but I know these jump out off the card.) Lol.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Animal Print Card

This card was one of two requested by one of my dd's. She had two friends she wanted to show her appreciation to. This one she requested with animal print because the friend uses it in her home. Wouldn't you know that I could find none in our small town? We do have a M's, but they're not as large as they are in some cities. I finally thought to see if anyone had any tissue paper, and this is what I found. Of course, I never thought that since it was so thin that I'd have to glue sheets together. I finally used vellum tape and that seemed to work. The zebra is one from a set of wild animals I got at M's for $2. So I cut him out two or three times, and pop-dotted him. It seems like I'm not through until I've inked the paper and added a little bling and doodling.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tall Flourish Card

This was the second card I did for my daughter to give to a friend. It's one I did for the Okie's challenge also. It was a sketch of a tall card with a flourish or flower vine. I used the large flourish in HD and then welded the butterfly with the trailing flourish from SB in CDS. This was the first time that I had actually used it to weld items together from different carts. It was so easy to do that I'm looking forward to doing more work with Design studio.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Elegant Anniversary

This is a card that I scrap-lifted from Shelly Bobrowski, a fellow Cricut card maker on the Cricut mb. She is a fantastic card maker. I really liked the colors she used on her card so I found similar ones in my collection of papers. The branches and the bird are from HD, the flowers were cut from WIMG and M/W. These colors remind me of a romantic time, or at least what I would imagine would have been romantic.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Here Comes the Bride…

This is the first time I've actually used CDS and made my own object. I needed a trellis, and the only cut files I could find were with carts I didn't have, so I did this one from WC by combining four of the argyle cut outs. The bride and groom are from Wedding. The other carts I used are SB, HD, PS and WC. I embossed the train of the dress and made the veil from tulle. And of course there had to be bling! I've always been told that people, etc. shouldn't hang in midair, so I cut a little grass and used ribbon for her runner.