Thursday, October 8, 2009

Favors for a Baby Shower

Here are my first, but definitely not last, sour cream favors. I couldn't believe how easy they were. I saw a video a few weeks ago, but can't remember who it was by, it wasn't the one by Dawn. This lady used Zig two-way glue instead of super tacky tape. She said this worked better for her, and I could see the sense of that. However, the Zig glue didn't quite hold them together as well as I wanted, so I used some K&Company, Quick Dry Craft Glue (which is a thick white glue) and that worked beautifully.

I also didn't glue the three sides in the beginning as the tutorial suggested. I glued the short ends together to make the tubes. Then, when I was ready I used a tooth pick to apply the glue, to one end, crimp; add the candy; and then again on the other end and crimp closed. After they were dry I added the circle tags to each one, which were computer generated. I also changed the size somewhat from what is on the tutorial; when using 12"x12" paper. Most of the tutorials call for 4-1/4"x5-1/5" paper, which is great for 8-1/2"x11" paper, but I feel it is wasteful for 12"x12" paper; so I cut them at 4"x6" and got six instead of just four, and there was no wasted paper and they don't look that much smaller.

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PenLight said...

These are very pretty and I liked your explanation of how you made them with the 12x12 paper. Also, how you talked about the different types of glue and tape from different tutorials. This was very helpful. You did a beautiful job!