Sunday, November 21, 2010

I've Got Attitude!

I have attitude? Really? I never would have guessed it. LOL! I received this little award created by Digi's With Attitude before I went in for surgery, but just didn't have time to respond to my new online friend, Linda, who recommended me for this award. Now, I'm supposed to tell three things that make me different from everyone else. Hmmmmm...
1. Well, I don't think it's different than everyone else, but I still love "clean" animated and non-antimated movies. I think movies are so much more enjoyable when you don't have to worry about innuendos, etc. I also prefer the ones that are light, and have some humor in them. (However, I do have some favorite dramas too.)
2. As my children will tell you, I'm not afraid to speak my mind if I think something you buy or food you order, has a problem.
3. I make really "weird" faces when I talk, even though I don't always know it. I'm really glad that faces don't really freeze like you look.
The next thing I'm supposed to do to receive the $5 gift certificate (Oh sorry, I didn't mention there was a reason I was exposing myself, did I? - lol!), is that we are to nominate five other blogs. I don't really have many "personal" blogging friends, or some that I have met over the last year or so, that haven't already been nominated, so I'm nominating some ladies that have inspired me since I've been blogging. Some, all I have to do is see the card, and I know who created it. They are some awesome ladies. I've put them in alphabetical order because I admire them equally. They are:
Now all you ladies need to do is go to Digi's With Attitude and follow their directions.
Whew, I didn't think I'd ever get this posted. Now I'm going to link their award badge to my blog and I'm going back to my recliner. Lol!

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