Saturday, September 12, 2009

Animal Print Card

This card was one of two requested by one of my dd's. She had two friends she wanted to show her appreciation to. This one she requested with animal print because the friend uses it in her home. Wouldn't you know that I could find none in our small town? We do have a M's, but they're not as large as they are in some cities. I finally thought to see if anyone had any tissue paper, and this is what I found. Of course, I never thought that since it was so thin that I'd have to glue sheets together. I finally used vellum tape and that seemed to work. The zebra is one from a set of wild animals I got at M's for $2. So I cut him out two or three times, and pop-dotted him. It seems like I'm not through until I've inked the paper and added a little bling and doodling.

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