Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just an update…

Hi, to all my followers.  Sorry I’ve being absent for so long.  I’m just burned-out and I've had a  few additional health issues lately.  I do have a few things in the works, but I know it will probably be a bit longer before I get anything posted.
When I return, I’m planning on having a small candy give-away to thank the 30,000 visitors to my blog.  (Probably not much for several of you, but I’m thrilled.)


dj1952 (Debra)


Linda w said...

Congrats on your 30,000 visitors. Hope you'll soon be feeling on top form again. Miss you in blog land. Hugs lin

Denise and Louise said...

Congratulations on the 30,000!! So sorry to hear you are having health issues - hope you will feel better real soon.
Take care.
Denise xx

craftymum said...

I have missed your cards Debra but your health is more important. I hope you keep improving

Hugs Sarah x

Annemaritta said...

Debra, I know the feeling :( I miss you and my prayers and thoughts are with you or should I say you and L are in my thoughts and prayers! xx


Kristi S said...

feel better soon! We will be here when you return!

ahlers5 said...

Hope you're feeling better very soon. Miss you in blogland.

Ulina / Apricot Bubbles said...

Hi dj,
I´m so sorry to hear, that your health issues are still remainig... I hope, that you´ll feel better soon!
Sending a big hug your way,