Saturday, January 10, 2009

My first Card Using Cricut

This is the first card I've made with my Cricut. I've pretty much been lurking on the Cricut MB to get ideas for what to do. I've been so overwhelmed with the beautiful designs of those posting cards. However, I finally decided I needed to actually do one. WC came with my package, and I decided to try this first. I didn't totally like how it first came out, since I tried to do some design work with the words "sun flower", and of course messed it up. So I decided to use the ribbon after I cut the words off. I also felt it was a little too plain as it first came out, so I added the two colors of brads to the places that had holes and showed the white background color underneath. I also added the doodling, which I think really helped. I took pictures of the card before I messed it up, so you can see both designs. Thanks for looking

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